Moonfruits  +Andrew Johnson  +The Nobodies  +DJ JP

6@8 avec « Solitaire » Rousseau – GRATUIT

21h30 – Moonfruits + Andrew Johnson + The Nobodies + DJ JP

Moonfruits is pleased as punch to bring their toe-tapping, star-gazing folk-pop to Hamilton’s own Homegrown. We’ll be accompanied by Ottawa bard Andrew Johnson and Montreal locals The Nobodies offering up a night of intimate folk that gets you on your feet.

Moonfruits will not only be releasing it’s first album that night, also it’s first batch of apple sauce and apple butter for the occasion. So come out for a night of great tunes and tasty concoctions with Moonfruits, Andrew Johnson and The Nobodies!

Stick around afterwards DJ JP who will be rounding off the night at le Divan.

Moonfruits is toe-tapping, star-gazing folk-pop by Alex Millaire and Kaitlin Milroy. Snappy rhythms, soulful harmonies and a kitchen party feel; we love it best when you lick your soup spoon clean and slap it on your knee. Ottawa is our home base here in Canada but we’ve been busy touring around western Europe this past summer. 2014 will see us heading out to Québec, the east coast and back to Europe in the summer. We hope you enjoy our tunes and that we’ll get a chance to meet you face to face.

Andrew Johnson is an emerging singer/songwriter from the Ottawa Valley. Having only been playing guitar and writing for just over two years, he is still new to the Ottawa scene and has already written over a hundred songs, releasing his first three albums in the coming months of summer. Straightforward and full of soul.

For every generation, there is a bard. Marked by the knack to invoke the spirit of the times, these emissaries of the universe help shape the story of the times, casting meaning on the chaos and the light and the noise of the world. Andrew Johnson is such a bard. Armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a vision of revolutionary love, Andrew wages war against the story of defeat that we are taught to call reality. His timeless and exhilarating folk songs are the songs of his heart, which he won from the god of the road on his rambling voyages across Turtle Island, but his voice is the voice of the people, speaking to the bedazzled searchers amongst us who dream of a story we can believe in together. His mesmerizing freeform performances obliterate the cynicism that soaks the psychic sea of the city and for a moment his audience becomes participants in the creation of a vision of love and of transformation. It is beautiful to share in that triumph.

“ ‘Kitchen Tapes’, the debut offering of swingin’ swamp ditties from the psychedelic “NOBODIES” landed in Montreal avec the audacious duo themselves in the fall of 2013. Belligerently overdubbed by the smiling folk-punk witchcraft which would manifest in one bleary flat, and featuring the trippy two-track tape recordings of songs written amuck British Columbia’s busy beach-busking and bar scene-- the aptly titled ‘Kitchen Tapes’ exemplifies the dynamic spontaneity of these two oozy, bluesy romantics. But at the end of the night, Carson Ruhland and Jared Yackel are just a couple a’ nobodies.” -Nobody