Melted Faces  +The Dahlias  +UUBBUURRUU

HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS!!!.. ..Drop acid and come see Melted Faces! Melted Faces have been known to deliver an unwelcome and slightly salty explosion of rock and roll that may require a check-up........ But don't worry... it's nothing a little Robitussin and witchcraft can't fix. less.

"...Like a drunken Broadway saunter for Lee Hazlewood and Velvet Underground while Jack White topples behind. Not merely a pastiche of a 60's sound, it reinvents the baton before it's thrown aside.. One of the best new bands I've heard in months!! - MWP, UK

UUBBUURRUU is comprised of 4 dudes looking to communicate with astral entities, not yet discovered by those lazy ass "scientists". Using X amount of Fuzz and Y amount of Reverb, they're hoping to open a dialog with outer space. They also don't really care if pundits were to question the actual scientific value of their methods… They really don't.