Bad Uncle  +Street Meat  +The Boxcar Boys  +DJ Erik Elektrik

5@8 Su’l plancher avec Damien Robitaille

6@8 Cabaret avec Martin Tremblay – GRATUIT

Having over-gigged the lovely town of Montreal for what seems like an eternity (but is actually three years) Bad Uncle has quickly been drawing a crowd of eclectic fans from all cultural, economic and genetic vectors of the city. The sound can be described as Grasscore, Polkabilly, Gothic Surf, Operatic Punk and more. The sound can rise up to the soaring pinnacles of Baroque Thrash music and then sink down to the grittiest country/western nuclear fallout. The aim of this band is to deliver as many different flavours as possible, all wrapped in the same slice of meat. The aim of this band is to steal your shoes on its way out of the house party.


Street Meat was banned from Montreal in the 1960’s due to concerns about hygiene; well, it is back and dirtier than ever. The secret to the gravy is how it combines disparate ingredients to come up with a delicious concoction of Rockabilly, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass and Prog Rock.

The Boxcar Boys deliver a veritable gumbo of wild gypsy, Dixieland jazz, Klezmer, and folk music performed with a good time New Orleans spirit. For 3 years they've been performing on big ol' festival stages, on boats, in clubs and on the streets. They've recorded two albums and their latest, "Rye Whiskey" has earned them a nomination for Best Instrumental Band at the Canadian Folk Music awards. "21st-century eclectics, mixing Roma, roots and plain-old rambunctious whimsy... [The Boxcar Boys] are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step." - John Terauds, Toronto Star.