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Saskatoon’s Slow Down Molasses are a four-piece indie rock collective that feature a rotating cast of collaborating musicians joining them on stage and in the studio.

Called “the Broken Social Scene of the prairies” by Toronto's Exclaim! Magazine, the group takes cues from the wide open spaces of their home, crafting expansive, texture-heavy pop songs that are prone to breaking into storm squalls of drone, delay and feedback.

Working with producer and prairies ex-pat Jace Lasek of Besnard Lakes for their yet-to-be-titled upcoming album. Slow Down Molasses have taken the dreamy-vocal arrangements of their sophomore full-length album Walk Into The Sea and sharpened the songwriting into concise blasts of synth-melodies and full-on rock choruses.

Cinéma L'amour


Kavanagh, an intense drummer who refuses to be trapped by the confines of a four-four backbeat, grounds Scheidt’s monstrous guitar tone, looping wizardry and layered vocal harmonies. Influenced by a huge range of styles, from minimalist classical to power electonics, dubsteb to sludge metal, a Cinema L’amour set can take you from punk mosh pit to disco dance floor. Live, this band blazes across the stage in a virtuosic blur of electonic effects, hedonistic passion and the pure joy of a catchy pop melody.