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With emotion and texture at the center of her songwriting there’s reason A K U A’s music has been so warmly received by the few that have happened upon it: it’s real and it’s raw.

Having already opened for a wide variety of performers, including Cody ChesnuTT, Little Scream and Katy B, it’s safe to say that A K U A’s first year as a solo artist is off to a promising start.

Michael Rault is a Toronto-based singer and guitarist, and frontman of the band that shares his name. The history of rock n roll meets the future of power pop in Rault’s music. With roots in punk and rhythm and blues, Rault mixes the classic pop rock influences of The Kinks and The Beatles with the psych-pop sounds of Os Mutantes, creating a sophisticated combination loaded with hooks. The key to Michael Rault’s music is in its simplicity: the expert mix of melody and momentum, his band’s skilled musicianship, and Rault’s focused song-writing all combine in perfectly compact resonance.

Rault recently moved from Edmonton to Toronto, where his new EP on Pirates Blend Records, Living Daylight, came to fruition. Living Daylight explores feelings of leaving home and trying to make your way in a new city. Back in Edmonton as a teenager, Rault got his start in punk bands before turning to the rhythm and blues masters for inspiration, honing his guitar work and songwriting prowess in the process. Having proved that he can hold his own ground alongside any Diddley-beat revivalist, Rault then set his eyes on the future, creating something that is equally indebted to the British Invasion and classic psych-pop, while fitting in nicely with new artists like Mikal Cronin, The Fresh and Onlys, and King Tuff. Rault has an insane knack for melody and a very deep understanding of music history, something he has in common with Edmonton contemporaries like Mac DeMarco, Travis Bretzer, Sean Nicholas Savage and Homeshake.

“This EP is a nice stepping stone on the way to some even more interesting recordings in the future,” says Rault. “I feel like there are no longer any rules or boundaries in my mind as to what I can or can’t do in the studio or at shows. Whatever I can dream up is my style, and only until I get on to the next thing. I’m more excited about making music right now than I ever have been.”

Living Daylight was performed and recorded by Rault and his cousin Renny Wilson (Mint Records Recording Artist) in Edmonton in spring 2013, between bedrooms and Riverdale Recorders studios. With Rault back in his hometown, he and his cousin were able to focus on perfecting the composition and sound of every track – and it shows. Everything about Rault’s recordings sounds at once classic and contemporary: fuzzed out guitars intersect swirling organs and taut rhythmic patterns, with subtly textured vocals soaring over undeniable hooks. Songs like the infectious “Lost Something” blend all the hallmarks of quintessential pop rock in perfect measurements, with its timeless chorus marrying psychedelic ambience and punk rock economy together in one flawless package. On “Too All My Friends” (named after one of his childhood friend’s misspelled tattoos), Rault effortlessly imbues the glint of 60s production into a powerful pop anthem.

As the current ascension in Michael Rault’s ever-evolving musical narrative, Living Daylight has all the ingredients of a contemporary classic, with a forward-thinking approach to ideas that transcend time and place.

C'est en 2011, dans le cadre des festivités de la st Jean baptiste, que Pierre est introduit à Nom de Plume, producteur et membre du groupe Radio Radio. Ce dernier tombe sous le charme de son chant inspiré de la rumba congolaise. Au cours de cet été, sans but précis, Pierre et Nom de Plume enregistrent de nombreux morceaux. Durant cette même période, Pierre prête sa voix à Radio Radio en tant que choriste pour le spectacle de fin de tournée de Belmundo Regal au Métropolis. En 2012, on le retrouvera en collaboration sur l'album Havre de grâce1du trio acadien. Toujours en perfectionnant son chant, en 2012 est né dIFa,2un collectif comprenant Poncho French, Pierre Kwenders et Nom de Plume. Résultat d'un métissage musical, dIFa sortira la mixtape How We Doz It3qui permettra à Pierre de s'illustrer par son chant en Lingala. Il a d'ailleurs revisité un classique acadien,la chanson Mardi Gras4. Pierre Kwenders nous fera l'honneur de lancera son Ep au cour de cette soirée