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20h30 Lucas Hicks

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Lucas Hicks resides in the heart of the heart of the Maritimes, Sackville,New Brunswick. This youngupstart was inspired to begin writing scrappy, catchy, pop songs while growing up in Sackville listening to local legends such as Shotgun & Jaybird, Baby Eagle and Julie Doiron.

Although this lad missed out on a major part of the 90’s music scene, there is no denying that his work still draws major influences from bands like Pavement, Thrush Hermit and Sloan. Lucas Hicks has supported many acts including: Shotgun Jimmie, Jon McKiel and Construction & Destruction, to name a few. His unique brand of power pop allows him to play with a wide variety of artists and also have his music enjoyed by an even wider variety of fans.

In late 2012 Hicks released his debut EP, Slower, drawing attention from several online blogs as well as Campus/Community radio stations. Look for a full length in the fall of 2013!

Noisography: The other similarity between Lucas Hicks and the bands that he admires – Sloan, Thrush Hermit et al – is that he also has the potential to grow into the fine pop rock songwriter that his muses have.

Herohill: “Sackville’s Lucas Hicks is a musical time capsule, or maybe some sort of time machine. A tear in the fabric, Hicks found a wormhole to ’90s era indie ear worms. His new EP, Slower, could be easily labeled with tags like “classic Halifax sound” or “indie when indie meant something”, but that seems limiting and unfair.”

Pigeon Row: Listed “Slower” at number 8 on their Top 10 albums on 2012 that they did not work on.

"Killer album of fractured, lo-fi mutations, from submerged House to tape dub and beyond...this is a keeper" Boomkat UK

On the edge of a golden river there is a small house filled with dark songs. Jon McKiel makes music that rides that elusive line between feathery folk and a total sludgefest.

Drum & Bass / Experimental / Indie

MEM: Play Guitar/ Think About Life - Youth Club Records

"This is a band that has everyone in awe. If you mention the name Special Noise among local indie musicians, eyes widen, you receive a measured smile and then a slow approving nod." - The Coast.