Jay Malinowski And The Dead Coast  +Megan Bonnell

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Psychedelic / Surf / Blue

Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast is artistic alchemy that combines art, culture, prose and music.  The songs follow the life experiences of Martel, who's journey takes him around the world in search of answers.  A tortured soul, influenced by both The Pacific and The Atlantic's oceanic powers, Martel takes the listener to unchartered soundscapes.  Vancouver's The End Tree join Jay Malinowski on stage for the live performances of Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast.

Megan Bonnell

In dreams, the real and the surreal interweave in a dizzying dance; elements of one exist within the context of the other. Indeed, the foiling of these forces is and has always been truly fascinating, and because of the parallels they share, so too is Hunt & Chase, the debut long-player from Ontario’s Megan Bonnell.