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Beachwave / Heavy Metal

Year of Glad began as the brainchild of A.P. Bergeron. It was founded in the dilapidated mills and derelict houses he played in as a kid. For a time, he performed solo and made vague and emotive bedroom recordings. He has since moved to Montreal where he is joined by drummer Nick Laugher and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Johnstone. With an emphasis on spontaneity and feeling, they make sprawling worship songs about murderous dads and the occult.

Experimental / Other / Pop

Marc "The Nuc" Nicol survived a lightning strike. He also rocks the loop pedal pretty hard.

Marc Nicol a été frappé par la foudre, mais sa musique n'en est pas moins impressionnante !

MEM: Sunset Rubdown

Black Brick began as the nomadic solo project of frontman Jimmy Magliozzi. He made 5 records, (recording in Providence, Boston, Pittsburgh, Ireland, Ohio & Chicago) all filled with his distinct style of lyrically lush, medium-fi, kaleidoscopic, pop gems. Now native to Philadelphia, Jimmy has united Black Brick with friends/multi-instrumentalists Jackworth Smith and Nathan Paul. They are touring behind their new record – The Want – dropping Fall 2013.

"[Jimmy Magliozzi's] work is brilliant and his sense of song impeccable, setting up complex structures that feel effortless." - YVYNYL

"Enmansorkester från Ohio som med överkroppen i ständig rörelse gräver djupt i den amerikanska myllan, samtidigt som han med slappa nävar delar ut dammiga slagserier med solskenspsykedelia." Keywords translated: One man orchestra from Ohio, digs deep in American soil, sunshine psychadelica." - SKOGSGOSPEL