Machinegun Suzie  +The Sangomas  +Dj Érik Élektrik

6@8 Cabaret avec Martin Tremblay – GRATUIT

21h30 – Machinegun Suzie + The Sangomas


Les filles de Machinegun Suzie débarquent chez vous à dos de cheval et n’attendent pas d’être invitées. C’est toutes crinières devant qu’elles déversent un rock lourd et incisif, aux fortes influences grunge et stoner. Celles qu’on dirait les petites soeurs dangereuses de Josh Homme (Queen of the Stone Age) ou de L7 ont certainement leur part d’héritage du mouvement Riot Grrrl et de la fière scène rock et punk qui a jadis marqué le centre-ville de Québec dont elles sont les fières représentantes.


Somewhat like a sleazy sucker punch in a sordid late-night dive, these roarin' rock 'n' roll hounddawgs dish out a paralyzing blow to the brain. Spawned from Montreal, Quebec's dirty snow-sludge-ridden sewers, The Sangomas churn riffs straight outta the mid 70s to a boisterous beat of frustrated felony. And maybe the bastardization of it all helps with the explanation: a French fry and South African met in the midst of a tumultuous rock 'n' roll tour in Europe and years later had a beer together in Montreal, drunkenly deciding to start a band (as both of them found the city less lame than their hometowns). Just then two local rippers fell out of the sky at just the right time - serendipitous, ain't it? - and the band was formed early 2012. The four's previous endeavors include The Generatorz, The Nils, Flashfalcon, The Mochines, The Psychotic 4, Malone and a few forgotten others. The boys got their shit together and recorded a four track demo at Beatbox R with Ryan Battistuzzi (Breastfeeders, We Are Wolves, Malajube) in February 2013, that sounds somewhat fucking fantastic. Hold your breathe, a killer LP is just a couple of dollars away.