Magical Crimea  +Jump Babylon  +Dj Érik Élektrik

6@8 Cabaret avec Kurt Chaboyer – GRATUIT

21h30 –  Magical Crimea + Jump Babylon + Dj Érik Élektrik

Folk / Other / Rock

Crimea is a Magical Place!

Magical Crimea is the musical equivalent of a traveling circus, an 7-person band that plays high-energy rock based Balkan Music (reminiscent of international sensation Gogol Bordello), sure to bring a smile to your step as well as your step! - Hour Community, Montreal, June 30, 2011, p. 6

It's a beautiful island in the Black Sea with its own unique multi-cultural society.

This band is Magical Crimea's official musical ambassadors to the World.

Chosen from the dozens of Crimean bands, they were granted theofficial title of Small Orchestra of Hope in 2009 on the strength of their song- writing & performing skill.

The Government of Magical Crimea supports the Orchestra in its quest to spread Crimea’s music & culture in the rest of the World.

“At their shows people dance, sing along & generally become better people,” say The Crimean Chronicle.

With one album under its belt & many more to come, Small Orchestra of Hope  is looking forward to conquering the World in its magical musical net.

Go to to learn more about the Island, its Culture & Small Orchestra of Hope

Roots / Rock / Reggae

Replete with catchy hooks, massive horns, crunchy guitar and above all well crafted songs “Soldier Woman,” the debut album from Jump Babylon, weaves together country-rock tales of the immigrant experience, reggae paraphrasing of liturgical poetry and songs of young adult angst. Jump Babylon was founded in 2011 by members of Shtreiml, Montreal’s veterans of the New Jewish Music scene and pioneers of bringing scorching klezmer to bars, festivals and concert halls across North America and Europe.