Driver Friendly  +Laureate  +Bad Captain  +Dj Sunny

6@8 Cabaret avec Mike O’brien et Michelle Topkins

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Rock / stuff that isn't Rock

When Driver Friendly first met in high school in North Houston, Texas their friendship quickly turned from hanging out after school to writing songs in a garage and playing shows around their hometown. As the band gained momentum and a loyal fan base around the area, they took a huge step and moved to Austin, TX- the live music capital of the world- to continue pursuing their dream. Composed of lead vocalist Tyler Welsh, guitarist and vocalist Andy Lane, guitarist Nathan Parrish, bass guitarist Chris Walker, drummer Jeremi Mattern, trumpet player Juan Lopez & trombone player Andy Rector, Driver Friendly is ready to share their melodic, high energy songs with the world! The band’s fast paced anthems “Ghosts” and “Mesidonna” are just a small taste of what’s to come. Their journey is just beginning and it already looks like it’s going to be an amazing trip.

Pop Punk / Emo / Alternative

"Laureate, a Montreal-based four-piece, have somehow managed to harness all the crucial elements of what was so essential about ‘90s punk rock – Marshall stacks, obligatory backing vocals, lyrics about girls, Samiam worship, an out-of-focus microphone as cover artwork, a cute bass player and synchronized jumps. God I miss the ‘90s."

Alternative / Rock

Pat Tremblay, Nic Bert, Chris Cabot, Alex Ouellette and Ric Giovanni Rossi form Bad Captain, an independent band from Montreal whose sound can be described as a highly energetic guitar-heavy blend of Hard-Rock and Pop-Rock. They are influenced by popular Rock, Pop, Pop-Core and Metal and other North-American bands and have a thing for layering lot of guitar parts, using a decent amount vocal harmonies and topping it all off with some really catchy hooks.