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Indie Montréal & Le Festival FRINGE St. Ambroise présentent / present…

Tickets / Billets:
$10.00 at/au

Points de Ventes / Physical points of sale:
Divan Orange | 4234 St. Laurent
Cheap Thrills | 2044 Metcalfe
Atom Heart | 364 Shebrooke E.
L’Oblique | 4333 Rivard

Alternative / Electro

MAK’s music is a blend of hybrid ambiences and refined musicality. Each member’s sound lends itself to the project’s originality. Jazz, Rock, Electro and Pop meet to create particularly intense melodic musical universe.

Montreal-based Lakes of Canada was founded in 2010 by Jake Smith (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion) and Conor O’Neil (drums, vocals) as a “Simon & Garfunkel”-esque folk-pop duo performing Smith’s songs at various cafés and bars around town. The past four years have seen Lakes experience a dramatic shift both in style and membership: with a heavier, indie-rock sound infused with gospel/soul influences, Lakes have added the likes of lead guitarist Tim Dobby, Sarah Morasse on keyboards, vocals, flute and harp, and, former Honheehonehee front-man Greg Halpin (guitar, bass, vocals, percussion). Lakes of Canada maintains their commitment to vocal harmony (around which the band was created), but with a rich instrumental complexity befitting a classically-trained group of musicians.

Ainsley McNeaney

Montreal indie musician AINSLEY McNEANEY began developing her own musical style while still a classical percussion undergrad at the University of Toronto, fusing traditional piano, voice and orchestral techniques into a pop music setting. A few years later, with several notable performances under her belt, McNeaney stepped down from the stage and holed herself away in the studio to begin recording and producing her debut full-length album, True Story Orchestra. The title gives kudos to the nearly 30 musicians who have contributed to the record while her whimsical songbook weaves a complex tale of real-life experiences. Armed with profound lyrics and a soulful voice to match, McNeaney has been revered by her fans as an engaging and intimate performer.