Buke and Gase  +Dam Ships  +Year of Glad  +Dj Érik Élektrik

Indie Montréal & Le Festival FRINGE St. Ambroise présentent / present…

Billets / Tickets:
$10.00 at/au

Points de Ventes / Physical points of sale:
Divan Orange | 4234 St. Laurent
Cheap Thrills | 2044 Metcalfe
Atom Heart | 364 Shebrooke E.
L’Oblique | 4333 Rivard

Buke and Gase (formerly Buke and Gass) is a Brooklyn-based musical duo. Band members Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez are noted for their use of handmade instruments such as the "toe-bourine;" the "buke," a six-string former-baritone ukulele; and the "gase," a guitar-bass hybrid.

Indie / Experiemental

"There’s a feeling that you get when listening to Montreal’s Dam Ships, like you’re about to stumble upon something great or you’ll achieve some sort of clarity in your life." - Grayowl Point (Laura Stanley)

"Dam Ships is a Montreal four-piece with synergy. The three instrumental tracks on their self-titled EP are those you wish to spend your whole day playing over and over ... Buy their album, get off the computer, and go spend the rest of your day- or even just a few minutes of your day- doing something worth-while. Have one of those moments where you get up when it's done, and all you can say is "hell yes"." - Indecent Xposure (Isabella)

Beachwave / Heavy Metal

Year of Glad began as the brainchild of A.P. Bergeron. It was founded in the dilapidated mills and derelict houses he played in as a kid. For a time, he performed solo and made vague and emotive bedroom recordings. He has since moved to Montreal where he is joined by drummer Nick Laugher and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Johnstone. With an emphasis on spontaneity and feeling, they make sprawling worship songs about murderous dads and the occult.