Beams  +Leafer  +Paul Kasner

An indie country folk rock band from Toronto, Canada featuring singer/songwriter Anna Mernieks on banjo, Heather Mazhar on backing vocals, David Hamilton on mandolin, Keith Hamilton on singing saw and backing vocals, Martin Crawford on lap steel and guitar, Craig Moffatt on bass, and Mike Duffield on drums.

The beauty of certain bands stems from their ability to eschew what many would consider to be the trappings of their chosen genre (insofar as a band like Beams actually chooses a genre). Sure, Beams have banjos, acoustic guitars and mandolins, but the addition of the musical saw and lap steel — coupled with lead vocalist, banjo player and principal songwriter Anna Mérnieks’ often playful delivery — will cause you to throw away any notion you had of calling them a “folk” band.( PostCity.com – Band of the Week: Beams (August 17, 2011)

Art Rock

Le piano qui gronde, la guitare qui hurle et la batterie qui vrombit, c’est le vieux couple qui finit les phrases de ses doux tiers. Sur scène, c’est l’échange constant entre les amants, autant entre eux qu’avec les spectateurs. Sur galette, c’est la trichotomie des rôles qui définit l’ensemble de l’oeuvre. Au final, Leafer c’est un ménage à trois.

Paul Kasner was the guitarist and songwriter for Silk Screaming/Black Mystic with whom he shared the stage with numerous local and international bands (We are Scientists, The Bravery, Young Rival, The Two Koreas, Grounders, Suckers, Rah Rah