One Man Band Fest présente: MONTAG  +ECHO BEACH  +INSECT ARK

5@7′ – Dare To Care Su’l Plancher pour vous servir:


Electronic / Television

Montag is back after what could seem like a long absence. But in fact there’s not been one minute of silence for Antoine Bédard since his 2007 Carpark release, Going Places. There were in fact a few self-released mini-albums, including Hibernation (2008) coinciding with his return to cold Montréal and Des cassettes et un walkman jaune (2009) a covers EP, not to mention a dozen remixes for the likes of M83, Au Revoir Simone, I'm From Barcelona and Stars. But it was his work as a sound designer that took most of his time: in the last five years, he wrote the scores to twenty theatre works presented throughout Canada, as well as the original music for five contemporary dance pieces.


Echo Beach, le projet personnel de la Vancouvéroise Julie Matson, est un paysage composé d’effets, de voix de synthèse, de mélodies électroniques qui évoque un brouillard onirique pop-expérimental. Des synthétiseurs analogiques et des pédales d’effets créent différents mondes, où l’amour de Julie Matson pour les sons électroniques aléatoires et les arrangements poétiques s’exprime librement. Accompagnées d’un show visuel abstrait, ses performances live peuvent être à la fois calmantes et dissonantes, amenant le public à partager une expérience sensorielle unique. Habituée de la scène alternative montréalaise.

Known for her work with Bee and Flower and M. Gira’s Angels of Light (Swans), based in Brooklyn, INSECT ARK is composed and performed as an analog-electronic hybrid: one woman, a sampler, a bass, a lapsteel and a keyboard.

Creating her personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Schechter’s sounds weave a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with sparkling moments of light and flash. Intimate and cold at the same time, this foray into her aggressive and experimental musical side braids a strong sense of melody into the twists and turns with delay drenched lapsteel, distorted synthesizers and bass, and sparse drum programming.