LUNDI 20 MAI 2013
Next Music from Tokyo vol 5 avec mouse on the keys  +きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku)  +チーナ (chi-na)  +harafromhell  +Alexei Martov

Billets: $10 à l’avance chez ou Cheap Thrills Record Store
$15 at the door

Drums and piano combine for an incredibly unique and powerful jazz-meets-post-rock sound. MOTK have become one of the most sought after Japanese bands for music festivals around the world. They were invited for performances in Europe, Taiwan, HK and the Philippines last year and have festivals in Singapore and Chile already lined up this year.

きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku)

Kinoko Teikoku are a shoegaze band who don’t mind breaking a few rules. Instrumentally, they follow the giant footsteps of Ride and MBV but make musical detours along the paths formed by Cap N Jazz, Radiohead, Explosions in the Sky, Jeff Buckley and Battles.

However, the vocals are where Kinoko Teikoku veer off most from traditional shoegaze. Some songs harbour the soft ethereal drone of classic shoegazer but their hallmark is the dynamic range of Sato’s hauntingly beautiful vocals that soar skyward with passion and intensity.

Orchestral pop band with elements of jazz and post-rock. This will be their 2nd time on the NMFT tour as they were fan favourites when they cane to Montreal in 2010.

Female-fronted melodic punk band who put on a turbocharged live performance.

Alexei Martov is a three piece rock band from Montreal consisting of singer, guitarist and pianist Martin Bradstreet and brothers Matthew and Jonah Dorfman on bass and drums respectively. They take full responsibility for their obese riff based rock n' roll, frantic stage act and psychedelic sensibilities