Thick Shakes  +Melted Faces  +Femme Accident


"Organ-pounding rave-ups ...torched beyond recognition with blown-out tape distortion and AM-radio sizzle." -Boston Globe

"Farfisa organ fuzz purr and vertical spin-cycle pop racket." -Boston Phoenix

"Tumbledown stomp, distorted power chords, and insistent organ into super fun 1960s-infused garage rock jams... Why Buy the Cow finds the band’s vocals delivered with more of a sneer and a large dose of Bostonian “Go f**k yo’self” bravado." -Radio K

A dense, pounding wall of lysergic grit... A heart-stopping combination of glinting guitars and crunchy noise. Styrofoam Drone Churning organ, steel wool guitar, crashing calisthenic drum work, and a muscular yet melodic vocal sneer. TenYouUs Their live shows are non-stop garage rock meltdowns. Daykamp Music