Single Mothers  +The Dirty Nil  +Loose Pistons

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$10 À la porte / At the door (si il en reste / If not sold out)


London, ON's Single Mothers has made a compelling case for how red flags, stacked odds and strike outs can somehow inspire a collective recklessness to keep at it. Known for their dangerously explosive live show and the palpable tension that bleeds into their music, the band has ran through 11 members since its inception in 2008, and has broken up countless times.. Pairing feral punk with rock 'n' roll sensibilities, Single Mothers has accepted that all their trials,tribulations and tensions have not only gotten them here but havemotivated them to work even harder. And, if that's to be believed then a ton of wrongs can lead to a right.

The Dirty Nil play rock and roll. Loud, distorted, and out of control, they play like it’s a fever they’re trying to sweat out. Reveling in the din of distorted guitars, pounding drums, and desperately howled vocals, the Hamilton Ontario three-piece makes music for turntables and hi-fi’s - music for dive bars and house parties -

"Just when you thought garage bands were no more, enters Loose Pistons. These Montreal natives garage rock jam not only gets you on your feet, but keeps you there with amp blowing rock n' roll riffs." – Pop Montréal