Steve Brockley Band (Lancement)  +The Wildwood Flowers

6@8 avec Kurt Chaboyer

21h30 – Steve Brockley Band +  The Wildwood Flowers Prix: 10$ (étudiants) –  15$


Born in B.C., formed in Montreal, and currently based out of a Buick wood-paneled wagon, Steve Brockley (guitar, vocals), Kevin Bertram (upright bass) and Leon Power (drums, mandolin) are not wasting time. In fact, they’ve been accused of stretching it. Getting to the heart of a song is their main goal – not just digging into the notes, but nailing those spaces in between the notes. When you’ve got a good song, you want to let it breath. A percussive double bass swagger, drum grooves from the gut, and a rolling finger picked guitar bring their brand of folk music to life. There’s no rush to the end of a song – if it is right, it happens. The main thing is not to hurry.

“Steve and the lads make up one of the tightest trio’s I’ve ever seen, the music that comes forth is nothing less than awesome, not “that’s rad dude” awesome but the origin of the term, to hold you in pause – to inspire awe. An album and live show that hold you.” - Gern F. of the United Steel Workers of Montreal

Country / Folk

The Wildwood Flowers rend hommage au répertoire country-folk féminin des années 1930 à aujourd'hui. Fondé en 2008, le groupe est composé de quatre chanteuses-musiciennes et d'un guitariste et fait revivre les grands succès popularisés par la famille Carter, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton et plusieurs autres. Avec ses costumes et son souci des harmonies vocales, The Wildwood Flowers saura charmer vos yeux et vos oreilles.

The Wildwood Flowers is a tribute to country-folk repertoire from the 1930s to today popularized by female artists. Created in 2008, the group consisting of five singers/musicians interprets the best-known hits of the Carter Sisters, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and several others. With their costumes and concern for beautiful vocal harmonies, The Wildwood Flowers will charm both your eyes and ears.