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6@8 avec Martin Tremblay – GRATUIT

21h – Grand lancement de la compilation !!!

18 songs in the key of Whiskey
8$ à la porte et commenceront à 21:00

Pointer’s crossing 21h30
Robert Fusil 22h15
Morgan 23h00

Chants des bas-fonds de la chaîne alimentaire musicale.

Pointer's Crossing

Old Timey music

Pointer's Crossing had it's humble beginnings in a small garden in Point St. Charles across the bridge from the market where busking at the bridge became our practice hall. Having now performed over fifteen shows around town, it has hit home that playing old timey music as well as delving into it's roots and celebrating it's spirit and history is a full time mission. Our latest adventure took us to Vermont where we took workshops and rubbed old timey elbows with the likes of Dirk Powell, Riley Bagus and Ken Pearlman. Our next goal is to look at the history of music in rural Canada and incorporate some of these influences. Pointer's Crossing presents both traditional old timey songs and original compositions written in an old timey manner.

Morgan, groupe de 4 musiciens originaires de la ville de Valleyfield située dans le sud-ouest du Québec, présente un style unique de musique hybride alliant le Country et le punk, tout en flirtant avec les rythmiques Bluegrass Sud-Américaines ainsi que les ''Irish drinking songs'' traditionnelles. Pour simplifier la chose, leur style a été baptisé ''Punk Agricole'' ou ''Farm Punk''.