Jung People  +Mia Verko  +Dj Sunny

6@8 avec Martin Goyette

21h30 – Indie Montréal présente:

Billets: $10 at / chez

$12 À la porte / At the door (si il en reste / If not sold out)


Jung People is an Instrumental Rock Duo based out of Calgary, Canada. Forming in late 2010 after founding members Bryan Buss and Giordano W. Bassi attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. They have been classified under Progressive/Indie/Post-rock with other influences branching towards Punk, Metal and Folk among others. Allthough Instrumental, Jung People express their political and humanitarian idealisms largely through their album art, song titles and music videos.

In October 2010 an EP titled ‘Galápagos’ was released free for download. It contained three tracks which also were featured on the debut album ‘Too Late to Die Young’ released January 18th 2011. Recently, 'Tenterhooks' was released in the same year on December 10th celebrating the anniversary of the Brown Dog Riots, containing five new tracks dedicated to all animals living in extreme and unfair conditions due to the human path.


The new opus from the Montreal quartet documents the recent years of the band, a collection of songs compiled over time marking the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. A distinguished sound influenced by indie, math and post-rock, just like Mia Verko showed us in the past, but with more maturity.