MARDI 26 MARS 2013
Durham County Poets  +The Bombadils

The Durham County Poets are five guys from the Chateauguay Valley who have played and do play in blues bands, gospel groups, Cajun, vaudeville, folk, rock and even yes dare I say, country bands. In listening to their own material you get a mix of sounds and stories, influences and genres that is uniquely their own. Some of their songs had been lying dormant for over a decade, others are newborn. A collective blend of styles from Dan Hicks to James Taylor, the Band to Leon Redbone, there's is a melting pot full of inspired tunes to enjoy.

Folk / Celtic / Bluegrass

The Bombadils are a four-piece ensemble based out of Montréal, Québec. They met in 2009 shortly after beginning their classical and jazz studies in music performance at McGill University. The band shares an eclectic variety of musical interests, which they bring together to create a unique, folk inspired sound. It is their sense of discipline and attention to detail, acquired through their formal experience and training, that helps them create a sound that is at once accessible and virtuosic.