Year of Glad  +J. Allen

Indie Montréal présente:

Beachwave / Heavy Metal

Year of Glad began as the brainchild of A.P. Bergeron. It was founded in the dilapidated mills and derelict houses he played in as a kid. For a time, he performed solo and made vague and emotive bedroom recordings. He has since moved to Montreal where he is joined by drummer Nick Laugher and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Johnstone. With an emphasis on spontaneity and feeling, they make sprawling worship songs about murderous dads and the occult.

Set in a town that perpetually runs at full speed, J. Allen's 'Wonder City' builds slowly and focuses closely on single moments, enrapturing the listener with large scale washes of melody as it deconstructs a profound loneliness. His heartbreaking bedroom epics observe New York City from just outside of its whirlwind. His impressionistic arrangements use the city's hums and whooshes as a soundscape upon which to layer songs of solitude and reflection, dreams and distraction.

‘Captivating and provocative…this guy’s got a killer voice… Top pick.’ - Baby Sue / US

‘…a haunting collection of solitary moments in the metropolis, people lost in the midst of others.’ - Americana UK