MARDI 19 MARS 2013
SoHo Ghetto  +Laurel Jackson & the Attractives

Evenko et Greenland présente:

Billets en pré-vente au Divan Orange: 10$

SoHo Ghetto is an indie pop band from Halifax, Canada known for their engaging live shows which move from precise musicianship to energetic mayhem. Their recordings blend indie arrangements with strong lyrical anthems. If there is a hint of east coast sound to be found in their music, well that's just the nature of the beast.

Soho Ghetto est un groupe indie-pop provenant de Halifax au Canada. Leurs concerts sont réputés pour être très vibrants et leur musique marie arrangements indie et puissants hymnes lyriques.

Laurel Jackson & the Attractives

Indie / Pop

Words to describe Laurel's music would be: poppy, catchy, melodic, harmonious, soulful, emblematic, figurative, voluptuous, authoritative, naughty, curious, boozy, loyal, earth-shattering, good-looking and attractive.