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6@8 Cabaret avec Martin Goyette – GRATUIT

Indie Montréal présente:

Billets: $10 at / chez
ou Au Divan Orange


$12 À la porte / At the door (si il en reste / If not sold out)


WOLFHEART features female vocals within a juicy modern rock sound. Their energetic live show features live looping of haunting vocal melodies, juxtaposed by the primal and driving force of drums and bass. The band is very excited to be accompanied by their producer, Brandon Delyzer(Bigger Fish Than Guns, Celebrity Traffic), who will be spicing up their live show with keys, guitars, and mysterious moods.

Pop / Rock

2010 turned out to be an epic year for Montreal’s Mad June, playing more than forty live gigs and winning two major contests including Lilith Fair Local Talent Search for Eastern Canada and Montebello’s Rockfest.

It also paved the way to recording their newest single, November, 2011, released online on June 1st, and their upcoming album, with multi platinum award winner producer Jeff Dalziel (Diesel Music, Sony, Warner).

Mad June has made a name for themselves by playing high-energy shows. The all girls band has the ability to always find new fans everywhere they go, no matter if they are rocking in heavy metal festivals with screamo bands or more toned-down pop events.

They have showcased their live set in Canada’s biggest music festivals for the past two years, including Canadian Music Fest, North by North East and Indie Week, where they met Jeff Dalziel.

People tend to compare Mad June to other bands, trying to pinpoint their sound. The media have said that some of their songs sounded like Bloc Party, Pat Benatar, Blonde Redhead and even Radiohead. So when the girls are asked who they sound like or what genre of music they do, the best answer they always come up with is that they are most definitely a rock band... with an indie twist, a punk drive and a melodic soul!

Make sure to keep an eye and an ear on Mad June because their unique sound and heartfelt songs will leave a lasting impression!

Psychedelic Electro & Shoegaze Pop

Influenced by dreams of past and future, Diamond Bones creates something in between psychedelic electro & shoegaze pop music, rooted in raw emotion. Their songs invite you in with hypnotic rhythms and gripping melodies, and charm you with haunting lyrics that convey unfeigned experience. Their sound, once described as "dark disco" has evolved over the year they have been together into something along the lines of, "tribal dream pop."