Dear Denizen  +Sunfields

Led by Congolese­-Canadian performer Ngabonziza Kiroko, Dear Denizen lays out a hazy electric­rock groove with shades of post­punk that provide a great base for Ngabonziza’s vocals to soar above.

Folk Rock / Indie

Sur leur premier album "Palace In The Sun", enregistré au printemps dernier, on retrouve une acoustique douce, un vieux piano, de l'orgue tremblante, le tout parsemé de quelques distorsions de guitares mélancoliques...

Born in the spring of 2009, Sunfields released their debut album, , Palace in the Sun, August 2010. Recording began in a small cottage in rural England sixty miles North of London, and was finished in a tiny studio in downtown Montreal. They are currently working on their follow up album.