Panopticon Eyelids  +The American Devices  +Hands and Knees  +Leamers

6@8 avec Martin tremblay – GRATUIT

21h30 – Panopticon Eyelids + The American Devices + Hands and Knees + Leamers

Panopticon Eyelids is a Sci-Fi Prog Punk band formed in 2002.

Panopticon Eyelids are veterans of Montréal's weirdo underground. Over the course of 7 releases they have shown an uncompromising willingness to experiment: their music flashes with No Wave angularity, and proto-punk primitivism; using the language of free improvisation shot through the lens of psychedelic warriors from all eras.

"The world's longest-running indie post-punk band” -Mark Lepage, The Gazette (Montreal) "Authentically delirious thick-skinned psychedelic alterno-punk" -Serge Paradis, Ici (Montreal) "Rick Trembles is the Montreal Elvis" -Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion), Nomag


“The group’s strength — besides a flair for well-turned hooks and dash of grand drama — lies in the sweet and sour contrast of [singer/guitarist Joe] O’Brien’s and bassist Carina Kelly’s voices… There’s lots to love here, and Wholesome more than measures up.” -The Boston Globe

Psychedelic marsupial

"Leamers c'est genre Emily, Matt et Mertin.  On est vraiment hot, pis pas pire comme musiciens.  T'aimerais ben ca, j'pense. On fait du bruit et on n'est pas très sérieux... On joue aussi dans Devileyes, Crabe et d'autres bands aves des noms bizarres..."