Cannonhead  +Heart Streets

Nine new songs form their latest album, ‘We can be silent now’. It sounds like catching guys who too often partake in arguably too much on the day when they haven’t, as if eager to make amends. It’s spacey, but never despondent. Its sound lets you in, while its lyrics tell you what it’s like to be there. Chances are you’ve been there too. It’s rap with whimsy, though whimsical only in the way that most things are…only in the ways in which they’re different. It’s different. Some call it black rock and roll (no, not that black rock and roll), but you don’t have to. One could mistake its sometimes ominous sound for a gravity in tone. The subject matter is no more serious, nor any less so, than that of an average person’s day to day, and all the same themes are present. A sense of humour, while subtle, pervades

Emma Beko and Gabrielle Godon met when they were nine and have shared their passion for music and dance - especially hip-hop and rap culture - ever since. Gabrielle’s magnificent voice and Emma’s gifted raps complement each other beautifully and their lyrics are as fresh and smart as these two exceptional young artists. Their music produced by André Milton and Balaga is a meshing of creative ideas, producing a unique sound for hip-hop. The lethal mix of these two girls has grown into Heart Streets, formerly known as Street Hearts, a female Montreal based hip-hop duo

“The first show we did was at Bistro de Paris, in Montreal. Though we released our first EP a week before performing, the place was crowded. People could not get in anymore. That’s when we realized something was happening.”

That something, some people might call it Montreal long-awaited hip-hop and R&B signature, others old school hip-hop and R&B, but for Heart Streets it’s simply “us”: Gabrielle and Emma; two chill girls singing and rapping about what they love.