The Bogghoppers  +The All Day Breakfast Stringband

6@8 Blues avec Martin Goyette – GRATUIT

21h30 – The Bogghoppers + The All Day Breakfast Stringband

Old Time

The Bogghoppers are a Montreal-based stringband who blend the rhythm and drive of old-time music with the creativity and texture of their contemporary roots.

Old-Time / Traditional / Folk

The Montreal-based All Day Breakfast Stringband plays Old Time music from the Southern and Midwestern USA. Fiddle, Guitar, Double Bass, Banjo, and voices join forces to confirm that the old music is still exhilarating. The band formed gradually through bourbon fueled jam sessions in Montreal's many public nature reserves, and solidified with recording sessions, as well as actual concerts for people who don't spend all of their free time in parks. The fiddle has always been at the heart of old time music, and Max Evans makes his sound like the best bacon in the world popping and spattering in a burning hot cast iron skillet; Matt James' banjo playing is as crude yet necessary as bacon's timeless counterpart, the buttery fried egg. The dual guitars of Andrew Kobus and Dara Weiss chug like you did that pot of coffee after a night at the bottom of a whiskey bottle, and Brandon Wells provides some flapjack-and-butter bass to hold it all down. This band may just be the best way to start a balanced day, or end an unbalanced night. Enjoy responsibly.