Inlet Sound  +Pugs and Crows

Inlet Sound is the musical convergence of passionate folk-rock spirit and atmospheric pop form. The band has spent the greater part of 2012 tirelessly crafting The Romantics, their first full-length record, in lofty cabins and expansive churches with the help of acclaimed Canadian producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep, Holy Fuck, Hey Rosetta!).

Indie Jazz

The Pugs and Crows are an instrumental band that performs original music that evokes a shifting range of sonic colours and ambient soundscapes. The ensemble’s unique cinematic sound is due in part to the unusual instrumentation of violin, double bass, guitar, piano, and drums.

The band is best experienced within a quiet and focused listening setting where the dynamic subtleties of their music can be appreciated, but there is also enough intensity in their performances to leave a lasting impression in a loud bar or club. The group is easily adaptable, having shared stages with punk, indie rock, jazz and classical ensembles.