Rah Rah  +HONHEEHONHEE  +Young Rival

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$12 À la porte / At the door (si il en reste / If not sold out)

Pourvoyeurs de pop et de rock poétique qui affichent un don aigu de l'invention et de l'équilibre. Très accomplie, malgré leur jeunesse    

Indie / Pop / Rock

Groupe Montréalais composé de quatre écureuils et un ourson: Greg Halpin, Stefan F.-Gow, Matt Raudsepp, Erin Halpin et Marc Danson.

Honheehonhee make contagious whooping rock with an incurable fervour. Their energetic live show builds a wall of vocals upon which members bounce from instrument to instrument frequently throughout their set. This year the band has showcased at NXNE, Sled Island, Pop Montreal and Halifax Pop Explosion. Their debut record, “Shouts” is out now! WOOoo WOOOOOOO!

Rock and Roll

Brillant ! C'est comme le mélange des Beach Boys et de Sex Pistols. Incroyable mais vrai... Leur musique enivrante, fait tout aussi bien 1968 que 2010.

“Young Rival plays tight, four-minute bottle drainers, not quite retro-Mod, not-quite punk. And they’re very good at what they do. If the guitars don’t lead you to the edge, the bass and drums will push you over. A very strong debut album.” – Graham Rockingham, METRO

“In so many ways, the groovy Hamilton rockers long for the past, evidenced by taut angst-ridden punk dunked in reverb and swirling psychedelic soup. Like a shot of lightning, with a Red Bull chaser.” Brad Wheeler, THE GLOBE AND MAIL