21h – Big John Bates  +Ol’ Savannah  +Scott Dunbar

$8 at / chez

$10 À la porte / At the door (si il en reste / If not sold out )

Americana / Rock / Roots Music

Big John Bates has moved to dark roots rock as evidenced by their opening song “Amerkin”, a track with a soul-shaking beat. And while the music may have changed, the intensity and fervour of this band’s live performance has not. Bones shines in all her sultry, gothic temptress glory. She is the true master of her massive bass, using it as not only a tool to make music but as an instrument of seduction. “Taste the Barrel” showcased Bones’ eerily whispery vocals, accompanied by Bates’ banjo sounding guitar, giving the song a true dark country feel. Fans lined up outside didn’t know what they were missing, and if they did, they were all the sadder for it.” - Music Examiner @ Canadian Music Week Toronto (Mar 2012)

Ol' Savannah plumbs the depths of old-time mountain music, returning lovers of Americana to the porches of Piedmont, the sweaty dens of 19th-century Atlanta, and the sultry streets of New Orleans. Banjo and accordion back the gritty vocals of their songs of life, death and redemption.

Blues / Folk / Roots Music

Ce one-man-band peut voler la vedette à un orchestre complet, sans micro. Que ce soit accompagné de sa guitare acoustique ou de son accordéon, vous apprécierez l'intensité et l'émotion de sa voix et de ses chansons authentiques. Appelez ça folk, blues, soul... C'est même parfois aussi accrocheur que du pop.

Smashing out a beat with a rusty chain on a dirty old broiler pan and a suitcase kick drum, this one man show can entertain like a full band without a microphone.