SIC ALPS (San Francisco – Drag City)  +Femminielli  +Ultrathin


Rock / Garage

This fifth album is a relatively sedate affair, which touches on Pavement-style indie spikiness (‘Wake Up, It’s Over II’), Dylan-esque troubadour strum (‘Polka Vat’) and emotionally raw loner-folk (‘Thylacine Man’). Stumbling stomper ‘Drink Up!’ is about as gnarly as Sic Alps get these days, but they’ve replaced gnarl with occasional erratic aceness. "Noel Gardner"

«Pionnier du Nouveau Chant métaphysique, Femminielli aura sans aucun doute été l'initiateur d'une série de manifestations artistiques radicales destabilisant codes et repères quant au langage du corps.» -Mélissa Gagné (Instutional Pros Titution)

Bernardino Femminielli is a Montreal-based artist whose work reflects mysticism, war and spirituality. In addition to his main project under the name “Femminielli”, he has composed music for a number of films and performed at various music festivals including FIMAV (Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville), Suoni Per Il Popolo, and Mutek.

Psych / Punk / Scum-rock