Skinny Bros  +Tomy Wealth  +Flicker State

Influenced by such diverse yet important songwriters as Cole Porter and Joe Strummer, brothers Paul and Christopher bring two distinct and complementary forces to their compositions; grit and grace. With Skinny Bros you get the best of both worlds.

Being a drummer as well as a track maker for the past 15 years has created a sound that amalgamated these two concepts in perfect harmony. Enormous music-soundtrack-like landscapes, intense hip hop beats, sophisticated sampling styles, nostalgic piano lines, overlapped with some electronica, create a unique story line within his music which many people can find homage in. This is the matchless world of tomy wealth.

On August 13, 2009, he released his first album ‘Hotel Otherside’(MAFR-001). Although he was an unknown artist, his album was played and listened in Tower Record stores all over Shibuya, Shinjyuku and Yokohama. It even became a big hit in the music online shopping site,Zooooo[dot]jp.

He has composed for such clothing apparel brands as Silvan Sylvan and Cassaves and for short films, such as WALTZ. He has remixed several songs, and has released lots of limited releases through the likes of ITunes, Juno Records, Beatport, Amazon, and Bandcamp. His extemporaneousness and skill of playing in concerts is highly vaulted as well and something not to be missed.

He is a new-generation of artist who has combined boldness, sensitivity and passion into his music. He will continue inspiring the audience because they always keep on inspiring him.

Electro / Post-Rock

Born in the Montréal winter of 2011, Flicker State is the brain-child of musician and composer Mikael Tobias (guitar, bass, vocals, programming). With a collection of songs borrowing from diverse genres such as post-rock, pop, ambient and new wave, Tobias and drummer Sam Vipond conjure a hybrid sound that bridges the gap between human and machine. Their debut 'Alma Sessions EP' was independently released in January 2012 and includes violinist/violist Geneviève Clermont whose expressive playing expands the sonic palette of the band on record. Flicker State incorporates electronic elements into their live instrumentation to create lush, dynamic soundscapes framed by solid grooves and melodies.