The IN & OUTS  +Dead Messenger  +Dj Erik Elektrik

6@8 Cabaret avec Kurt Chaboyer (Johnny Cash Machine)

21h30 – The IN & OUTS  + Dead Messenger + Dj Sunny


"The in and outs" est le reflet  de la fureur Rock and Roll qui habite le trio. On peut s'attendre à tout, de ses membres Dave, Alex et Frank. Ils ont le blues, le cœur, le punk, l'amour et la rage dans un charmant emballage théâtral.

Blending an expert mix of folk-guitar, funky-blues bass and reggae-jazz drums, The In & Outs’ vast influence of diverse genres from Johnny Cash to The Doors, passing through Elvis Presley and John Spencer, amongst others can be heard on such tracks ‘Boo My God’, ‘Me, Myself and My Guitar’ and ‘Often On The Moon’ from the bands 2009 debut full length ‘Ascending Back And Forth’.

Truly unique, The In & Outs have demonstrated more than a profound love of music. They also reflect the ups and downs of life and the essence of a society which is expressed in its eclectic lyrical content. In their own way, The In & Outs amalgamate a biting and realist poesy that they transmit to their public in a stream of energy.

The band is currently in production of their second album, set to be launched in late fall 2012.

Powerpop / Rock / Psychedelic Ce groupe garage/punk de Montréal nous frappe comme un coup de poing de leurs hymnes rock qui ne demandent qu’à être sur la trame sonore de notre voyage d’été. Le quatuor a une affinité pour les années 70s/pop/rock, comme en témoignent les solos de guitare qui déchirent.