Sonny Best Band  + The Jimmyriggers  +Sunfields

Country / Rock

Sonny Best Band ont un répertoire country classique mais offert dans un style unique.

True to their influences -the legends of the genre, the band has put together a catalogue of tunes based on country's classic themes- cryin', lovin', and leavin', and they've thrown in a few cuts about cuttin' loose for good measure. Without any pretension or gimmicks, the Sonny Best Band is in it for the love and it shines through in the tunes. The stage show is the band's bread and butter- the Sonny Best Band has fine-tuned their live show through years of live performance and always deliver with energy and showmanship. The boys know how to please their crowd with their timeless hooks, country looks, and pure honky tonkin'. Sonny Best personally guarantees everyone will go home happy.

With clever song structures, crisp vocal harmonies and a healthy dose of twang, the Jimmyriggers deliver a potent mix of sounds that appeals to rock and roots fans alike.

Built around the songwriting talents of bass player David Pearce, guitarist Andre Kirchhoff, and the colour of maverick guitar slinger Kevin Moquin, the Montreal-based alt-country band counterpoint their full electric sound and powerful rhythms with strong melodic song structures. It is their trademark harmonies, however, that truly lend the band its unique sound, with Pearce’s clenched fist-in-velvet glove vulnerability dovetailing with Kirchhoff’s more honey-dipped tones.

“The Jimmyriggers – easily one of Montreal’s best bands – slam out a high-energy set." - Montreal Gazette

Folk Rock / Indie

Sur leur premier album "Palace In The Sun", enregistré au printemps dernier, on retrouve une acoustique douce, un vieux piano, de l'orgue tremblante, le tout parsemé de quelques distorsions de guitares mélancoliques...

Born in the spring of 2009, Sunfields released their debut album, , Palace in the Sun, August 2010. Recording began in a small cottage in rural England sixty miles North of London, and was finished in a tiny studio in downtown Montreal. They are currently working on their follow up album.