JEUDI 30 AOÛT 2012
Seb Black  +Chloe And The Dimples  +Dj Sunny

6@8 Acoustic/Folk/Roots Music avec Mike O’brien et Michelle Topkins (GRATUIT)

21h30 – Emery Street Records Presents: Seb Black + Chloe And The Dimples + Dj Sunny

Experimental / Folk Rock / Indie

Seb Black is a Montreal based Singer/Songwriter and self taught multi-Instrumentalist. Inspired by his marginal youth and cynical outlook upon society, Seb creates an eclectic and twisted hybrid of a makeshift folk rock orchestra topped with a vocal performance that demands your attention. He has been compared to artists such as Rancid's Tim Armstrong , Social Distortion's Mike Ness , Elvis Costello and Tom Waits.