MEG Showcase et Club MEG présentent: Coco Méliès  +Groenland  +Ezlv

6@8 avec Martin Tremblay Trio

21h30 – MEG Showcase et Club MEG présentent:

Alternative / Folk Rock

Coco Méliès joue avec les sons, s’amuse avec les genres pour les transcender et finalement créer une musique hybride, quelque part entre le folk et la musique électronique. Les deux protagonistes, Francesca COMO et David MELIES, tissent avec raffinement des chansons où le délicat et l'atmosphérique se confrontent à la rudesse et l’âpreté, le tout emmené par leurs deux voix si harmonieusement ajustées. Grâce à ses concerts intimistes et magnétiques, Coco Méliès rayonne sur la scène montréalaise depuis plusieurs années maintenant. Sous le charme de sa prestation au dernier MEG showcase de la saison 2011/2012 au Divan Orange, le MEG Montréal réitère son invitation le festival tout en douceur et volupté.

Coco Méliès plays around with sounds and genres, transcending them to create a style of hybrid music that lies somewhere between folk and electronic music. Francesca COMO and David MELIES weave refined songs that are as delicate and atmospheric as they are harsh and bitter - conflicting qualities that are craftfully tied together by the two protagonists' harmonious voices. Over the past few years, Coco Méliès has conquered the Montreal music scene with its intimate and mesmerizing concerts. Captivated by the duo's performance at MEG's last 2011/2012 showcase at the Divan Orange, MEG Montreal has decided to renew its invitation to Coco Méliès, infusing the festival with its sweetness and sensuality.


The Chase is the debut album from Montreal’s orchestral indie pop band Groenland, led by Sabrina Halde and Jean-Vivier Lévesque, and was released on Aprll 16th, 2013, via Bonsound. With 30K copies sold and counting since its release and 45K downloads of their single Immune as free Single of the Week on iTunes Canada, the opus received several nominations such as Album of the Year - Anglophone at the ADISQ awards.

The Chase is the pursuit of an ideal, the desire to be in constant evolution, our tendency to put ourselves in danger to understand what we're made of, explains Sabrina. It's also about taking risks, for our own self, alone or with someone.

Charming audiences everywhere for over two years, Groenland took on Europe once again in the spring 2015, with shows in Germany, France, Netherlands and UK. Previously, the band has performed in numerous festivals and has played alongside renowned artists such as St. Vincent, Local Natives, Mac DeMarco and Half Moon Run.

In 2013, Groenland toured across Canada while giving unforgettable performances at Osheaga and at M for Montreal and were also invited to play at the Festival Off-Courts in Trouville-sur-mer (France). This past year, the band was invited to perform at several events such as the Showcase and Celebration of Canadian Musican Excellence (Canadian Grammy Night in LA), the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany and at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Recently, Apple has chosen their song Our Hearts Like Gold for an iPad ad narrated by none other than Martin Scorsese, which premiered during the Academy Awards. The sextet’s music has also been placed in TV shows The Good Wife (CBS) and Les beaux malaises (TVA), as well as a Canadian iPhone/Bell ad.

The band's sophomore effort, A Wider Space, was released on September 16th, 2016.

House / Techno

Allant du tech-house au minimal, en passant par le techno ou le deep house, EZLV ne se veut pas uniquement un duo de DJ, mais aussi de production. Des mois qu'ils concoctent divers maxis et remix signés sur des labels de renom telTenth Circle, Artizan Music, Souvenir Music,Trendy Mullet, etc. Cette année, ils ont lancé leurs propres labels, Suricate et Seaking.

Djs and producers, From minimal to tech-house, through techno or deep house, EZLV duo concocted various EPs and remixes signed on renowned labels such as Tenth Circle, Artizan Music, Souvenir Music, Trendy Mullet, etc. This year they have launched their own labels, Meerkat and Seaking.