The Unsettlers  +The Unquiet Dead  +The Locusts Have No King  +MEG MTL avec Dj NOYL

6 a 8 avec Bobby and Eddy’s Old Time Country Jam

21h30 – The Unsettlers + The Unquiet Dead + The Locusts Have No King

00h00 – MEG Montréal présente: DJ NOYL

The Unsettlers

Other / Experimental /Folk

On peu s'attendre à tout de ce brillant trio Rock and Roll. Ils ont le blues, le cœur, le punk, l'amour et la rage emballés dans un emballage théâtral original.

An eleven-piece band of time-traveling troubadours, The Unsettlers specialize in dark polkas, menacing waltzes, horse-drawn lullabies and funeral dirges for the living - all filtered through the creaking floorboards of a whiskey-soaked saloon. Based in Montreal, the lineup features a contortionist, multiple vocalists, clarinet, accordion, violin, horns, guitar, piano, bass, and trashcan drums. Sounding peculiarly familiar, darkly celebratory, and maniacally assured, The Unsettlers have gathered a devoted following with their haunting, windswept vocal harmonies and pulsing, danceable blend of Klezmer, Beat poetry, and big-top dixie.

Singer-Songwriter, Blues

"the unquiet dead are on a musical quest to attain pure enlightenment. This cast of 10 musicians incorporate many styles into blues-infused Americana teeming with elements of folk, world music, gospel and psychedelia bolstered by a communal soul-hippie spirit-brimming with celestial harmonies, down-home guitars, and percussion-driven grooves. Essentially rooted in minimalist bluesy psych-folk channeled through the musical alchemy of a collective, the unquiet dead both embrace a revelatory spirit and an aura of mystery, creating music that’s strikingly original alongside a newfound sense of the past." Toronto music blogger Lonely Vagabond (Dec. 5, 2011)

The Locusts Have No King

Folk / Indie / Roots Music

(The Locusts Have No King) "Like being aged in casks of oak, this is a sound that incorporates classic country-folk, acoustic-ladened soul, and jaunty rock energy. Weaving bluesy roadworn vocals with gritty roots serenades, shuffling forward in a rousing song of salvation. Americana, alt-country, whatever you want to call it, these are twang-infused gems ready to rock your world, like a gale force wind kicking up dust on a distant plain." -Lonely Vagabond


Breakbeat / Electro / Hip Hop

Originaire du hiphop et du turntablism où il a pu faire ses armes avec les plus grands champions des DMC (Disco Mix Club) ou encore avec Birdy Nam Nam, DJ Noyl s'est tourné vers le glitch hop et le dubstep où il a la particularité d'utiliser ses talents de scratcheur en insérant des routines scratch et beatjuggling dans ses sets et mixtapes. Vu au côté d'Oxmo Puccino ou de Pharcyde, il continue d'œuvrer dans le hiphop où il collabore toujours avec l'Europe et les Etats-Unis pour réaliser les scratchs sur différents albums. Maintenant basé à Montréal, il a partagé l'affiche avec Dirtyphonics, Nero ou encore Rusko. DJ Noyl vient ravager les oreilles des festivaliers avec un set incroyable pour l’ouverture des Club MEG au Divan Orange (00h – 3h).

Originally part of the hiphop and turntablism scene, where he learned the ropes of his trade with the greatest DMC (Disco Mix Club) champions and Birdy Nam Nam, DJ Noyl decided to turn to glitch hop and dubstep, using his scratching talents to inject impressive scratch and beatjuggling routines into his sets and mixtapes. He is still active in the hiphop scene, having worked with Oxmo Puccino and Pharcyde and collaborating with Europe and the United States to produce scratches on different albums. Now living in Montreal, he has shared the stage with Dirtyphonics, Nero and even Rusko. Dj Noyl and his incredible set will blast festivalgoers ears and minds at the opening of the MEG Club at the Divan Orange (midnight to 3 am).