Mind That Bird  +Heirloom  +Corinna Rose

Folk / Indie / Rock

Originaire de Montréal, cet ensemble de six musiciens offre de belles ballades country rock tzigane avec un petit côté folk mélancolique. Les chansons composées et livrées par Dylan Perkons, sont d'une grande profondeur. Avec sa voix unique et accompagné de Lisa Malachowski, Ari Swan au violon, Terry Boisvert à la guitare, Adrian Bergman à la basse et Rob DeKonick à la batterie, il livre un spectacle fort en émotions.

Mind That Bird was formed in the summer of 2009 when singer and guitarist Dylan Perkons wanted to explore what his long time love for crafting songs could evolve into with the help of other gifted and passionate people. After going through a few different line-up changes and exploring different sounds, the group settled on permanent members, Lisa Malachowski (keys, vocals), Adrian Bergman (bass, vocals), Terry Boisvert (guitars), and Rob De Konink (drums, percussion). With their honed direction the group entered the studio in the fall of 2011 to record their debut EP To the Temple, Through this City. The album is set for release this upcoming spring.

An imaginative mix of intimate folk music and classical instrumentation, Heirloom’s wistful songs are built from the lyrics up, and crafted with love and care. The group is made up of self-taught musicians and classically trained instrumentalists, and is influenced by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Sufjan Stevens, and Joanna Newsom. Together, their instruments create a warm, refreshing sound that is both welcoming and breathtaking, while leaving space for delicate vocals and earnest lyrics.

Banjo wielding singer-songwriter Corinna Rose will make your heart flutter and use its beat to start a hoedown. Pushing the boundaries of the folk world, her new record “Northeast Southwest”, describes a feeling of being drawn in different directions and the freedom and strain of being in between.