Expo Juillet – Alexandra Levasseur

Expo Juillet - Alexandra Levasseur

Diary of Seasonal Emotional Transmutations

This is a therapeutic investigation that involves 35 drawings and 3 seasons. The objective was to explore the spontaneity and inspiration that every morning gives me, either by environmental or emotional circumstances - states of mind, energy, desires, etc. “When the fall comes, the tendency to oversleep, anxiety, irritability lead you to hide until the sun comes again. In the winter, the bathtub hot water remains the best way to console the skin and bones from the unkind climate. Then, in springtime, the April showers, May flowers and windy days let bipolarity take place meanwhile the human body restores friendly relations with nature.” Original pieces (framed): Acrylic and colored pencils on Canson Mix Media paper - 160g - 14 X 11 “ 200.00$ / each