Le Chelsea Beat  + The Babalooneys  +DJ Parka Pat

6@8 avec Martin Tremblay Trio – GRATUIT

21h30 – Le Chelsea Beat + The Babalooneys + DJ Parka Pat

Freakbeat des années 60 /Garage / Psychedelic / Rock

Groupe 60's garage mod freakbeat de Montréal composé de Pat Meteor (voix, guitare 12-cordes), Michael Cowan, (claviers), Pierre Chayer (basse), François Gagner (batterie), Daniel Fiocco (guitare), Stéphane Courval (guitare).

Comed / Surf / Québec

Actually started way back in 2001, The Babalooneys took several turns to get where they are now. Starting as a 3 piece, The Babalooneys are now a powerful 5. Just the right amount of singin' tunes and rippin' instrumentals were written to put on a great night of entertainement.