Feral Children  +Majical Cloudz  +Each Other

Psychedelia / Rocknroll / Noise and Electronica

Feral Children is a strange and intense take on pop music filtered through glorious tunnels of psychedelia, rocknroll, noise and electronica. characterized by sample driven structure carved by live instrumentation. transfixed by the delicate detailed layering of delay and reverb into maximum transcending white noise bliss out. wild young and innocent youth. special children. each and everyone. not us but you.

Devon Welsh has released two albums with Pop Winds, a number of solo albums including 2010’s My Bedroom and a collaborative cassette with artist Matthew E. Duffy called Majical Cloudz. In II, the second Majical Cloudz cassette, Welsh and Duffy continue the “Majical” project. Welsh transfers his haunting, melancholy, and catchy songwriting to a more electronic background and is joined on numerous tracks by Claire Boucher (Grimes). The result is anxious, yet easy and free, 90s reminiscent, and very distinguished, brilliant songwriting beneath electronic layers.