Ol’ Savannah  +Deer Engineer  +Sarah Jane Scouten  +Dj Erik Elektrik

5@7 Blues, Folk & Roots Music avec Scott Dunbar – GRATUIT

21h30 –  Ol’ Savannah + Deer Engineer  + Sarah Jane Scouten

Ol' Savannah plumbs the depths of old-time mountain music, returning lovers of Americana to the porches of Piedmont, the sweaty dens of 19th-century Atlanta, and the sultry streets of New Orleans. Banjo and accordion back the gritty vocals of their songs of life, death and redemption.

Gus Beauchamp of the steelworkers....Nick Power and Anthony Lombardi of the The Fort...Jimmey Griffin of the Slaters....together at last

The boys got together a few months ago and started working on tunes written by Gus and made into songs of the folk rock persuasion with the help of his fellow bandmates and New band....Deer Engineer

Sarah Jane Scouten


“Somewhat in the style of Nanci Griffith’s best music, Scouten’s songs are filled with sturdy melodies, and the performance, featuring everything from bluegrass picking to bar-band shuffle and burning-ballad intensity, was memorable.”