Light Bulb Alley  +Ultraptérodactyle  +Melted Faces  +Hidden Keys

Swampy, Punk, Psychedelic, Live, Country, Blues, Trash. Melodic, & Dirty jingles to listen to on your rocking chair! Don’t stick that fork in your eye. If you Dig them, generally they’ll dig you. Some people get it, others don’t. Light Bulb Alley stems from the cold and weathered Montreal. The wind was howling the snow was blowing, the sky was silver.,we con shows, Light Bulb Alley have made a name for themselves in Montreal, Southern Ontario, NYC and Who knows where else? Lets have a drink soon!


Un son sale (lire : encrassé), une batterie qui résonne, du reverb’ dans tous les instruments et les amplis crinqués au maximum. Et pourtant, Ultraptérodactyle a quelque chose d’assez mélodique.

Ça sonne comme The Pixies, Jon Spencer, Jack White, My Bloody Valentine, Crazy Horse, Wanda Jackson, Black Flag et Slayer. C'est romantique mais violent, beau mais sale.

Band rock n' roll/pop/punk/shoegaze/hardcore/surf de Montreal. We like loud guitars and dinosaurs.

HELLO BOYS AND GIRLS!!!.. ..Drop acid and come see Melted Faces! Melted Faces have been known to deliver an unwelcome and slightly salty explosion of rock and roll that may require a check-up........ But don't worry... it's nothing a little Robitussin and witchcraft can't fix. less.

Occult rock'n'roll