MARDI 26 JUIN 2012
Dumb Angel  +The City Streets  +SIKA

6@8 CISM – Info à Venir


Dumb Angel is soaked in vibrant, soaring harmonies reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and CSN, yet exudes a melodic sensibility recalling the 1990s British psychedelia of Spiritualized and Ride. While often compared to Great Lakes Swimmers, Iron & Wine, and Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters, the music of Dumb Angel at the same time insists on charting its own very unique, luminous musical explorations.

"You can blame the advent of irony, generational disillusionment or simply changing tastes but heart-on-it’s-sleeve rock ‘n’ roll often seems in short supply these days. In that sense a band like The City Streets could be looked on as musical freedom fighters, offering a version of rock ‘n’ roll that shows possibilities rather than dead ends, recklessness over restraint. They’re sensitive fuck ups, these boys, and The Jazz Age catches them at their most fragile and out-of-control.” - SEE Magazine