MARDI 12 JUIN 2012
Beau Navire  +We Were Skeletons  +Discord of a Forgotten Sketch  +Dark Circles

Soul Punk/ Flowerviolence

Beau Navire changes up the formula by never losing track of themselves and retaining command over the situation. Passionate and frantic as it may be, Life Moves is still realistic in its scope. Catchy, distinctive riffs are present in nearly every song, “Technicolor, Technicolor” and astounding closer “Fitting Pieces” being the most outstanding of which. In this process, the San Franciscans create a balance on Life Moves that every hardcore band should take note of. The maturity of the album shines through in the consistency, but mostly in its precision. Beau Navire’s ability to propel the EP (LP?) forward while always being conscious of where they’re driving it is the most exceptional aspect.


Pennsylvania three-piece with the musical prowess and aggression of bands like Fugazi and Shotmaker and technical arrangements that read like instructions for assembling a vacuum cleaner.

The discord of a forgotten sketch est un groupe de grind qui mélange le punk rock et le jazz. Le groupe a été fondé à Montréal au Canada.