BZARYN (formerly Armen at the Bazaar)  +LASERMAGICLASER  +Olaf Hund  +Molly Sweeney
  • 21h30

6@8 avec Martin Goyette & Chris Tauchner!

Indie Montreal présente

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Electro / Alt / Pop

Armen at the Bazaar

Alternative / Healing & EasyListening / Gospel

Un vrai musicien éclectique qui maîtrise parfaitement l'art du one man band. Il offre un folk/pop doux et réconfortant avec sa voix exceptionnelle et son jeu de guitare parfait ! L'album est fantastique, mais son spectacle nous transporte à un tout autre niveau.

Armen Bazarian is anything but a choirboy. Invigorated by the timeless power of the human voice. Armen began exploring pop songcraft in his early teens, writing and recording countless acoustic demos. He fronted rock, emo and orchestral-pop projects, and while the thrill of a band setting strengthened his confidence as a performer. He found that group dynamics ultimately obstructed his stalwart, singular vision. And thus, Armen at the Bazaar was born. Slowly, but forcefully Armen has vanquished the need for a band’s accompaniment; in the studio, by spending countless and sleepless nights honing lush orchestrations and tight arrangements; on stage, through a multi-channel looping and sampling allowing him to be his own backing band rife with layered harmonies of choral chanting, soaring guitars and tribal percussion. While he stands alone, both on the stage and in the studio, his music is anything but empty—his voice full of life and his sound full of colour.

“Hard-working Montreal-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Armen Bazarian returns with his second self-released EP in as many years. Fantastic production complements Bazarian's playful take on indie, folk and psych. Virtually drumless until Anna's Song bursts into epic electro breakbeats, Armen instead uses guitar, sound engineering and overlapping phasing and echoing of his own voice. Drive With Me especially captures the studio wizardry that allows Armen's harmonies to blissfully hypnotize the listener in a style reminiscent of Animal Collective's Avey Tare. Two EPs show a ripening artist with character and verve - keep an eye on this guy.”
The Hour, Steve Lalla

Electro /Pop

LASERMAGICLASER (LML), est un trio électro-pop/spaceship composé des musiciens Beavan Flanagan, Nicolas Godmaire et Alexandre LeBlanc. Passionné par la musique pop assumée, bien produite et réalisée dans ses moindres details, LML propose avec ce premier album de onze pistes leur version saturée et colorée de la musique. Ils s’inspirent de la culture pop japonaise, du Kitsch, de la science-fiction et de la vision futuriste des années 1970 afin de pousser le genre musical à son extrême. Pour atteindre leur but, ils combinent à la musique : danse, éclairages, projections videos intéractives, humour et surprises. Pour LML, chaque spectacle se doit d’être plus qu’un concert, il doit être un événement qui laissera une expérience inoubliable chez les spectateurs.

Olaf Hund is a writer-composer and multidisciplinary performer.

Hund made his name as an Electro musician in 1999 at the beginning of the French Touch movement. Mixing humor and sadness, Hund created unclassifiable musical universes.

He went on to develop Musiques Hybrides, his own label with Virgin France, launching artists such as Alexis HK, Léonard de Léonard, Louise Vertigo, DJ Wizz, Norazia, Core-Tex Labs, Black Landlord and Nicolas Police.

Composing for the Cirque Comtemporain (Philippe Decoulfé), independent short films (Laurent Hart), haute-couture (Jean-Paul Gaultier), collaborating or producing headline musicians at the start of their careers (Musiques Hybrides’s Artists, Gonzales, Peaches, Puppet Mastaz, Taraf de Haïdouk…), he also formed a multidisciplinary collective (FreeComplex).

Hund learnt mime and integrate comedy into his work, mixing music and acting. From his solo live act to large shows, from clubs to circuses, at the keyboard or on the mic, Olaf Hund remains faithful to his reputation and promise: “Waking up the body without neglecting the brain” (Le Monde).

Molly Sweeney

Folk / Soul / Progressive