SAMEDI 19 MAI 2012
Joe Grass  +Del Bel  +Lisa Bozikovic  +Dj JP

6@8:  Bobby and Eddy’s Old Time Country Jam – GRATUIT

21h30: Joe Grass + Del Bel + Lisa Bozikovic + Dj JP

Certains l'appellent le maître des cordes, faisant ainsi référence à son énorme talent avec les instruments à cordes. Joe Grass accompagne en tournée de nombreux musiciens comme Patrick Watson, Marie-Jo Thério ou Marie-Pierre Arthur. En solo, son jeu de guitare est tout aussi virtuose et fait dans le country-folk introspectif. (philippe Couture)

Indie/ Cinematic

Del Bel embodies an eerie cinematic sound infused with darkened soul and surf rock qualities. We have become a collaborative collective, drawing players from The Happiness Project, Bry Webb Band, Flowers of Hell, L Con, Chrome and the Ice Queen, Kite Hill, Entire Cities, Ohbijou, Sun Parlour Players, Gregory Pepper and his Problems, Ensemble etc etc


"Bozikovic maps out introspective narratives in clear, evocative turns of phrase, then uses her nuanced delivery to magnify each emotional dip and swerve." -- CBC (10 bands destined to break in 2010)

"Like her collaborators, Bozikovic makes soft, intimate music that artfully incorporates experimental techniques and lush orchestration without sacrificing the beauty of her songs. The record has a gloomy seriousness to it that those who appreciate melancholy ballads will love. Her huge roster of local musicians makes for pleasing tonal variety, but her vision is so strong that it always sounds like her" --Now Magazine