MARDI 15 MAI 2012
Kalle Mattson  +First You Get The Sugar

Indie Montreal présente:

Billets à l’avance / Advanced tickets :
8$ at / chez

$10 À la porte / At the door (si il en reste / If not sold out )

Folk / Rock

In the three short years since Kalle Wainio began writing songs, under the pseudonym ‘Kalle Mattson’, the band has grown from a Dylan-influenced solo act into a full-on experimental folk-rock quintet. In early 2009 the band released ‘Whisper Bee,’ an album that has garnered praise from both Canadian and British music press, earned the band two Northern Ontario Music Award nominations and placement in the Top 100 of the Billboard World Song Contest.

First You Get The Sugar

Pop / Rock

First You Get The Sugar est un groupe rock originaire de Montréal. Leur musique s'avère être un amalgame de riffs rocks et authentiques, de rythmes aux mélodies exaltantes et de pop ultra chargé. Après avoir passé les 2 dernières années à perfectionner leur son par le biais de concerts s'étirant toute la nuit, la formation est prête à émerger de l'underground montréalais avec le lancement de leur tout premier album.

A Montreal-based independent band negotiating the ups and downs of the new music industry, First You Get The Sugar seems to be pretty good at finding new ways of getting themselves heard. They are a four-piece, like The Beatles and Talking Heads. They are all-male, like the Kennedy Administration. Their music is a blend of bruising riff rock, pulsating dance rhythms, and oven-baked pop goodness.

"Danceable, giddiliy hooky...they're going places." -Mark Lepage, Montreal Gazette

"...basically, the kind of songs you hear and then wonder why they aren’t hits." -Converse Music

" exciting young band from Montreal ...offering those key elements we all look for... excitement, hooks, and maybe a touch of danger." -James Beaudreau, Masterdisk Record